How To Make Money From Your Music OR Video On RedTune Music

How To Make Money From Your Music OR Video On RedTune Music


_*How RedTune Music Works*_


_*- Sign Up For Free Account*_


You will register a free account to get member access on RedTune Music platform.


You will then need to use your login *Username* and *Password* to access your RedTune Music Account..


_*- To Submit Your Music, Video Etc.*_


You can have access and operate on the platform, You can use it to do everything but you can’t upload your Contents.


For you to get your music, or video on RedTune Music platform you need to make a payment of Ghc100 to give you access to upload your contents on RedTune Music.


The *Ghc100* give you only 1 access upload, that mean you can only upload 1 content on RedTune Music platform.


_*NOTE:*_ Why we make it only 1 Content upload is because we haven’t limited the views, or force fans to create account before they can view contents on RedTune Music platform.


_*NOTE#2:*_ RedTune Music anyone can view your Contents without even having an account on RedTune Music platform.


_*- Start To Monetize Your Earning*_


After your contents has been approved and uploaded on RedTune Music platform now it on the monetization policy.


*Monetization Policy* means now your Contents can now start to earn money on RedTune Music platform.


You will start to earn money anything someone or your Fans view your contents.


Anyone can view your contents without even having an account on RedTune Music platform.


_*- Collect Your 100% Royalties.*_


After your contents start earning you money you will see your total Earning on your account dashboard.


You can withdraw your earning every 2 weeks.


A day before payment our members will receive a notice alerting them they can make withdrawal before payment day reach.


After payment we can’t do any payment again onless next 2 weeks again because we said we make payment every 2 weeks.


_*- How Can I Get Paid*_


For now RedTune Music only use the easiest Ghana payment method that’s mobile money networks, RedTune make payment on mobile money networks for now.


RedTune Music accept and make payment through any mobile money networks, MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Mobile Money, And Vodafone Cash.


*For Any Equires Call/Whatsapp: 0577755588.*


*More Benefits Coming Soon For RedTune Music Serious Members On Our Platform….*


*Hello Fams RedTune Music Has Start Operating Now…*




*Click On the Site Link To Create Or Sign Up:*


❌  *Note: Don’t Write Anything In The Website If You Don’t Have. “Leave It Blank”*


*Upload Your Content On RedTune Music Start To Monetize And Collect Your Royalties.*


*RedTune Music Is Not Only About Making Money But Also You Get FREE Promotion Of Your* *Music Or Video On and IT YES.*


*It Time For Change Let All Support RedTune Music.*


*For Any Equires Call/Whatsapp: 0577755588.*

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