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Man attacked for supporting his lesbian wife

A Muslim man in Sakumono in Accra who has remained committed to his wife accused of engaging in lesbianism and has even given birth to another child with her has been suffering constant threats and attacks from the Muslim youth in his neighbourhood.

According to eyewitness accounts after the latest attack this past Monday, February 19, Mr. Morrison, a businessman, was out of the country at the time his wife was first accused of engaging in the forbidden act with another woman during a birthday party in May 2016. The two women were reportedly caught busily fondling and kissing each other in the washroom at the party, much to the anger of the irate youth who pounced on them and gave them severe beatings, the women were only lucky to be saved by a Police patrol team.

The attacks did not end there and weeks of incessant chants and threats for the blood of Mrs. Morrison forced her to relocate with her two children abroad.

But the problems have resurfaced, this time the attention of the youth has turned to the husband after they saw pictures of the couple with their new born baby on social media. They are accusing the husband of supporting a lesbian wife, much against the dictates of Islam and the culture of our country, Ghana and this has led for his second attack since he got back from visiting the wife and children.

According to one of the irate youth they will constantly attack him until he divorce his wife or abstain from her. He claimed that Mr. Morrison was lucky he escaped the first attack back in November last year which they wanted to chop off one of his fingers to serve as reminder to him to prove how serious and determined they are with the fight against lesbianism and gayism in our society.

They vowed to attack him each time they see him and anyone who stand their way and are looking to do that even today.

“You can hear the irate youth chanting ‘we won’t rest until this gayism and lesbianism is eradicated in our communities, we will punish all offenders,'” the eyewitness added.

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