Mentioning Jesus name during love making is a way of thanking God – Counsellor Lutterodt

Controversial Relationship Expert Counsellor George Lutterodt has stated that mentioning Jesus name, using the f-word during sexual intercourse is a way of showing appreciation to God.
He claims God smiles when people are enjoying sex and his name is being mentioned and that there is absolutely nothing wrong when his name is mentioned during sex.
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In his view, there is nothing wrong for people to shout God’s name when having sex adding that every manufacturer of any good product and services is praised.
‘If people are having sex and they use the f-word, or say oh Jesus, oh my God, they are appreciating God. God smiles when people are enjoying sexual intercourse and they mention Jesus, they are thanking him, because scientifically, the sweetest thing you will find during sexual intercourse cannot be described by any man or woman,’ he stated.
The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly called Prophet Kumchacha in a recent interview said people who mention Jesus name during sex are bound for hell. Counsellor Lutterodt advised Prophet Kumchacha to apologise and retract his statement for offending sexually active persons.

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