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Man Removes Wife’s Teeth After DNA Proved He Is Not The Father Of His 3 Kids

A man has mercilessly beaten his wife to the extents of removing 3 of her teeth after the man got to know through a DNA proof that all his 3 children are not his.

As pictures goes viral and circulates around on social media, it is said according to information gathered that this man wanted to immigrate his wife and children with him to USA.

After years of document processing and huge payment of money to the embassy, everything was set.

He then came down to spend some time with his wife and kids whom he had already given birth to, long before he left to the US and also to finish off with the necessary documentation and interview sessions which requires paternity DNA proof before the children’s Visas could be granted.

He together with his wife and kids happily went to the embassy on the scheduled appointment date for the interview session with which after the kids will receive their visa.

In the course of the interview the children were asked some basic questions about their father which they correctly got everything right.

According to sources the man got so furious after the embassy consular opened the DNA test result and broke the news to them that the DNA of all the 3 children doesn’t march with their supposed father’s DNA.

They got home after they were denied the visa and the man without knowing what to do at that moment couldn’t control himself than to ask his wife for answers, resulting into a heated argument thereby causing him to beat up his wife ruthlessly leaving her without 3 of her teeth as well as inflicting various degrees of wounds and cuts as her face deforms completely.

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