15-Years Old Sister Gives Birth To Baby Boy For 35 Year Old Brother In Edo State

A 15-year-old girl identified as Blessing, is as of now nursing an infant which originated from the incestous relationship her 35-year-old sibling Frederick started when she was 13.

I was 13 when my brother started sleeping with me ? 15 year old nursing mother

The countless sexual maltreatment by her sibling became exposed, after she was delivered of a baby girl at Stella Obasanjo Hospital, in Edo State. Her brother reportedly took the baby away from her and abandoned her at a refuse dump, claiming afterwards that she was dead. Frederick now in custody of commissioner for Women Affairs was almost lynched by a mob, after the baby was found.

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Narrating her ordeal, Blessing said; “My brother has been sleeping with me since I was 13 years old. Sometimes last year, he sent his wife out of their matrimonial home for about eight months. He sent her out, so that he could have his way with me on a daily basis. I had no one to cry to because he is my eldest brother. We lost our mum when I was 10 years old; this made me to stay with him.

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He promised to marry me despite all odds. He told me that I should not terminate the pregnancy. He said that once I was delivered of the baby, he would get someone to take the baby and we would become rich.”Frederick on his own part said he started sleeping with his sister, after he returned home and saw her looking like his wife.

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