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4-Year-Old Boy Reports Mother To The Police For Almost ‘Killing’ His Brother

A 4-year-old boy has reported his mother to the Donyina Police in the Ashanti Region for trying to “kill” his baby brother.

Apparently, the mother slipped and almost dropped the baby while bathing him, and this in the sight of the 4-year-old boy was a murder attempt by his mum. The boy’s courage and show of responsibility could be applauded even though he raised what could be called a false alarm. His mother herself recounted the story on a Facebook platform called Tell It Moms, and has generated a fun conversation on social media since. “Just this Saturday, my 4-year-old son reported to the officers in the picture that I dropped his baby brother whiles bathing him and that I want to kill his brother so they should come and arrest me,” the mother named Nana Afia shared.

See another picture below.

Furthermore, Nana Afia added that the police came to the house with her elder son, examined the little one for any sustained injuries and also invited her to the office for questioning. A part of her post on Facebook also read, “I explained my part of the story to them and they examined the baby for physical injuries.”

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