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Don’t be reliant on heavy make-up to feel beautiful – Ladies advised

A Marketing and Communications Associate at EDC Investments Limited, Clara Nyame-Addo, has advised women to feel confident about themselves and not rely on beauty enhancers such as heavy make-up to feel beautiful. She shared this insight on the Y Campus Express show with Jonny Stone.

“Society is now determining what is beautiful as a woman but we cannot all be the same or look the same, if not, God would have made us the same.

Whatever shape and form that you come in you are beautiful regardless and you don’t need someone else to tell you that. You need to embrace yourself and love yourself. You need to be confident in your skin before any other thing. Don’t be so reliant on make-up all the time”.

She shared that she set up the Peaches Global Foundation, an organization for the welfare of women, upon the realization that society puts so much pressure on women.

“The whole idea was for me to send out a message of love to women because society puts out a whole lot of pressure on women”, she added.

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