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Speeding driver kills girl; family demands justice

The family of a 10-year-old, who was killed by a speeding driver on the Aduman–Aduamoah road in the Afigya Kwabere District of the Ashanti region, is seeking justice.

The driver, who had a female, believed to be his girlfriend, in the car, suddenly burst into a wind-breaking speed and lost control of the vehicle and drove into the pedestrian path.

The young girl died on the spot when the vehicle from nowhere run into her and her 20-year-old sister Acheampong Rita. They were selling pastries.

Narrating the ordeal to Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, the survivor of the accident, Rita indicated that she suffered a twisted leg and is responding to treatment after she was rushed to the Offinso Government Hospital.

She recounted that the driver, who fled the scene of the ghastly incident, was accosted by the police and granted bail after two days behind bars.

“My mother and the people in the area retrieved his drivers’ license, his phone, and some leaves that looked like marijuana, ladies panties and some earrings from the car after he bolted. The police were able to follow up to arrest him but he was granted bail after two days,” Rita Narrated.

She pointed out that the driver’s family has paid GHc 4,500.00 to compensate the bereaved family but has done very little about her medical bills.

“The driver has given me four hundred cedis and sent me to the hospital thrice. That’s all they have done,” she lamented.

The family is angered that the culprit and the family have refused to pay for the medical reports demanded by the police to file a formal case against him.

“We had to pay 350 cedis to obtain the medical report. The family of the driver insists they will not pay for any medical report since the harm has already been committed. They hurl insults at us whenever the issue comes up,” she stated.

Rita indicated that the family has contacted a lawyer to press legal charges against the driver.

Meanwhile, the police have forwarded the docket to the Attorney General’s Department for advice.

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