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Selfishness Is The Cause Of Crime In Ghana – Apostolic Pastor Reveals

Selfishness Is The Cause Of Crime In Ghana – Apostolic Pastor Reveals

On the table was Why The Increase Of Crime In Ghana? laid by Nana Asante and his team, to help to get the source of our current catastrophes.

Pastor Christian Bampoe of Apostolic Church on ABEBUO MU AFUTUSEM last Sunday on Ahoto FM 92.3, shared his opinion on the occurrence of unstoppable death in Ghana.

According to him, the desire of many Ghanaians in haste for wealth at an early age leads to such sinful act.

To him, the word of God made mention of men who are anxious to get rich. “Many Ghanaians want to be highly esteemed in society and therefore, engage in such vicious acts of murder, kidnapping and consulting fetish priests in order to be mysteriously rich and be called masters“, Pastor Christian said.

On this rein, he urged Ghanaians to inculcate the fear of God in them and retrain from all such unconventional means of getting rich.

He also emphasis that, God is the giver of all good things, hence our reliance on him as our personal Lord and Savior and having surrendered our hope and faith in him, he would definitely have way for our success and prosperity effortlessly.

The same topic and conversation continues next week Sunday from 9 PM. The flaw is welcome to any sound Ghanaian who has a distinct and just opinion.

Written By: Priscilla Tiwaa Of Hitzmakers.com

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