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Woman uses her friend’s breast milk on her face for this reason

A beauty and skincare influencer has shared her controversial skincare regime by revealing she’s using her friend’s breast milk as a facial. Yep, you read that right; her friend’s breast milk.

TikToker Lil_xxtra simply applied the milk to her face before going onto her usual skincare routine, describing it as “literally just liquid gold in your nipples.”

“There are a tonne of benefits of using breast milk on your skin. It eliminates any redness in your skin, it helps with acne, it fight wrinkles,” she explained.

“It’s actually the perfect time for me to do this because my skin is so s*** right now it’s not even funny. I’m extremely puffy and I have a tonne of redness. Yes I just put it on my lips and yes I just tasted my friend’s t*tty milk.”

The influencer promised to apply the breast milk every day, before appearing in the follow up video to show the results of her controversial beauty regime.

When asked by a follower to explain further, she said: “It’s full of human growth factor, natural fat which is very moisturising. It will clear up any redness or eczema and you can also put it in your hair.”

“So I’ve been using breast milk on my face everyday for the last three days now and I wanted to show you guys exactly what my skin looks like right after I take it off,” she said.

Lil_xxtra’s face looked visibly brighter and had a clear, healthy shine to it and honestly, we’re sold.

“I don’t have any skincare on, I just splashed my face this morning and put the breast milk on. I don’t have any light on right now, I’m just sitting in front of a little window and it’s very cloudy, like no sun today,” she continued.

“But, I just wanted to show you the real skin, no lighting, no filter, no nothing. This is what it looks like, it’s super tight, it’s super firm and it’s beautiful.”

There’s some pretty crazy beauty regimes out there, but as wild as this one sounds, it really does seem to work. Although, we don’t recommend you go around asking new mums for their milk…

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